6 ways to organize your life with a netbook – A guide for working women and busy mothers

Netbooks are known to be small, portable and relatively cheap devices which are also perfect tools to answer basic computer needs of its consumers. Apart from this, net books were also designed to help people, especially working women and busy mothers to organize their life.

Windows XP and Windows 7 netbook comes equipped with a Microsoft Works Task Launcher. This feature is what allows its user to schedule their appointments, plan events and keep track their projects. Microsoft Works Task Launcher is brilliantly designed to wok with net book. It is a special feature that you can’t find in your desktops or laptop’s Windows XP/ Windows 7.

All you have to do is simply click on the “Start menu”, then go to programs and then click on the program for calendar, forms and others.
There you could find these very helpful tools that could help you organize your life using your netbook:

Date planner
This will help you out to organize your appointments, schedules and tasks. It’s a day planner with multiple view calendars, a task manager with reminder.

Templates for different kinds of letters
Writing a letter is never been this convenient. It has a ready made format and templates for all types of letter. That should ease you from spending some time formatting your letter.

Ready made designs for brochures, cards and databases
Many women, especially mother would love this feature. They can easily design and create their own brochures, cards and even their own list of recipes that they wish to document or share with other friends.

Travel planning tools
If you love traveling or if you’re a working woman who most of the time spending your day traveling for works, this is a perfect tool for you. It’s not only netbook’s lightweight designed that makes this device very good for traveling woman but as well as this planning tools. It helps you organize you travel schedule for smoother flow which would probably end up for just another day of work well done.

Map directions
To complement with its Travel Planning tools, a Map Direction feature is the perfect match. This intends to give you right and accurate direction in almost all places.

Car rental and Room reservations finder
Based on actual personal experience, it really takes us some time to find car rental and placing room reservation plus the hassle that you might not find the kind of service you been wanting because of you failed to make reservation on time. Well, with the Microsoft Works Task Launcher that you may found on your net book, this is no longer a problem. Part of organizer feature of Microsoft Works Task Launcher is the car rental and room reservation finder which is dedicated to eliminate this problem and let you live a better and organize lifestyle.

Tracking sheets, Journal forms and Address finder are other features of Microsoft Works Task Launcher which are all made useful to make help you organize your life.

Netbooks may not be as portable as PDA’s and smart phones but having all those forms and sheets in ready form does make life a lot easier. With Microsoft Works Task Launcher on your netbook, creating a form, designing a greeting card, or writing a cover letter is never been this easy.