A comparison between Netbooks and Notebooks

In the last couple of years we have seen the introduction of Netbooks, in the computer world. First it was the desktops and then came the laptops and now the all new Netbooks. Many people are confronted with the question as to whether to buy a Notebook or a Netbook. To be able to answer this question we first need to find out the difference between the two.

One of the simplest things to know would be that if you have been using a desktop and have now decided to replace it then you should go in for a Notebook because a Notebook is basically a mobile desktop.

Let us find out the specifics of Netbooks. Netbooks are basically like laptops which are smaller in size and are much lighter than the regular laptops. In addition to being a smaller version of a laptop these Netbooks have a slower processor. While the Notebooks come in screen sizes which reach 17.4”, the Netbooks usually come in the size of 12 inches. Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to differentiate between a small sized Notebook and a Netbook. To be able to make a quick differentiation the best way is to know the name of what you are looking at. If the sales person or manufacturers call it a Netbook then you know what you are looking at.

These days with the advancement of technology, we are seeing many features which used to be available exclusively in laptops, now being introduced in the latest versions of Netbooks as well. Since the processor of the Netbook is slower than that of a Notebook, you should choose a Netbook only if you do not plan to run fully loaded programs on it. If you plan to run heavy programs then don’t even think twice, just go in for a Notebook.

Netbooks are better for those people who like to have the basic use of the internet without having to use heavy programs. Netbooks are recommended for those people who like a small display, a slow processor speed and find it comfortable to use the small keys of the Netbook. Since the Netbooks are designed for light usage, even the storage capacity in the Netbooks is less when compared to a Notebook, however if your usage is basic, then the Netbook will suffice your needs.

The Netbooks have a very long battery life when compared to the standard versions of Notebooks. The Netbooks offer a battery life of 10 hours as compared to most of the Notebooks which give a 4 to 6 hr battery backup. The new high end versions of the Notebooks offer higher battery life but they are usually expensive.

The features of the Netbook clearly are meant for light users of the computer. The light weight and extreme portability offered in Netbooks are extremely popular features. So if you need something light that can help you be connected while you are travelling, then the Netbooks are the right choice for you.

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