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What is a Netbook?

A Netbook is a lower performance laptop, or notebook PC, specifically designed for lighter use such as web browsing and using web programs that require no client software installation and can be accessed over a wireless network. These netbooks are used mostly to provide quick easy portable access to the internet.

While initially marketed as smaller laptops for Web-surfing and e-mail, competition from many netbook companies keep improving netbook design specs. The line between netbook and laptop is continually being blurred.

The lure of an almost dirt-cheap computer that offers Wi-Fi, a gig or more of memory, 100+GB hard drives, Windows XP Home (and even googles Android soon), and weighs 2.5 or so pounds is obvious to most. And, oh yes, it will run for up to eight hours on a charge usually have some great designed even if smaller than the usual laptop. What’s not to like?