Amazon Black Friday Netbook Deals + a ton more

We would love to post and alert you to the very best of the Black Friday Netbook deals at Amazon, and we plan to post some great deals, but when it comes to the very best of’s Black Friday deals they are doing their “Lightning” deals and they go FAST.

Of course it wouldn’t be as easy as just go on when there are great Black Friday netbook deals listed but at the very least you can sort the deals to only electronics then just watch and and cross your fingers you are on when a great netbook is posted. When it comes to these special lightning deals if you waiting until we posted it they would be long gone. So the best we can do is tip you off about them in the first place so you can be there to catch the best of the deals.

So if you are staying home and keeping nice and warm this Black Friday weekend instead of fighting the crazy crowds then be sure to check out the online Black Friday deals on Amazon and maybe score yourself an awesome netbook deal without the risk of being trampled :) .

Check this page and then sort the deals for “electronics” and then watch for the netbooks being posted: Black Friday Week Lightning Deals

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