Free Netbook – No, really choose a free netbook of your choice.

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Here’s how: (a lot of reading but actually pretty easy. I just want to answer the questions before they come. If you want to skip to the link find it at the bottom but I suggest actually reading to make sure you do it correctly).

Anyway, If you got past that headline without rolling your eyes and thinking, “yet another spammy scam that sounds too good to be true” you would be in a minority. Most people assume anything with the word “free” is just lame marketing and in many cases they are correct. Hearing “free netbooks” when you might be shopping around to actually buy one is even more sketchy.

Fortunately for you, you have read past the title of this post and so far have gotten past the skepticism and you might just walk away with an actual free netbook with my help.

The fact is, most of the annoying animated banner ads you see are pretty sketchy and the odds you would ever get what they promise are pretty low. But you probably knew that. What you probably don’t know is there are actually companies out there that have figured out a way to make money actually giving away free things and many of them give away millions of dollars of “freebies” every year.

The company I’ll be telling you about shortly is one of these real and legitimate companies that has been around for years. Not only have I personally seen many many of my own friends get their freebies, I personally have gotten thousands of dollars worth of freebies from them (and many other companies as well). I don’t mean free coupon or free hot dogs kind of stuff. I mean I’ve gotten a free HDTV, a free PS3 (when they first came out), a free xbox 360 (actually two), a free wii and quite a bit more, including paypal cash…all from this same company.

Before going into the details of the freebies, I’ll explain a little about the business model they work with so you can understand more how this all works and how it ends up being a win-win-win situation.

Basically what these freebie sites do is help big corporations find qualified leads for their products or services. What does that mean? Well a huge company, like Blockbuster for example, wants new customers. They know that if they get people to try out their service on a trial basis they may make those people long term customers. To them, that is worth paying for. Yep, big companies pay affiliates commissions for qualified leads because it’s part of doing business and although it can cost them upfront if those leads don’t pan out, in the end they make more money by finding new customers they can keep for the long term.

So where do the freebies come in? Well the freebie sites got smart and figured they would help those companies find new potential customers to try out their services/products (us) and get paid for it every time someone tries out a new service or product. Rather than keep the full commission that they big companies pay for these leads they share part of it giving you freebies for your time.  They become the middle-man and connect the potential new customers with the big companies while making a little cash for the process.  That’s where the win-win-win comes in: You win by getting a freebie. The company wins by getting a chance to show you their business/product and maybe gaining a new loyal customer. The freebie site makes a little money by connecting the two of you even after paying for your freebie.

Makes sense right? It’s actually a pretty huge business in general but most people never know much about it since usually the affiliate just keeps the commissions they make and the leads they send may never even know they were a lead.

So now that you have a little background on how it actually works and why it’s not just another spammy scam you see all over the place, let me explain a bit about how this site actually works.

Since some of these bigger items (like a free netbook) cost quite a bit more than what they would make in commission from one offer (can range from a few bucks up to $200 or more depending on the company! But average around $15-25 or so), they had to figure out a way to get more commissions to cover the cost. They go about that in two ways. The first way is to use a referral system where you sign up, complete one of the trial offers yourself then find x amount of friends to also sign up, using your special link, and then complete a trial offer themselves. They can then go on to get their freebie themselves. Some people like the referral method as they have a lot of friends that they can ask to help them out (surprisingly not nearly as easy as it sounds though). Others would rather do multiple trial offers themselves and earn points towards their freebie. Both work well but each has advantages as far as the effort and time you would have to invest.

So lets talk about this free netbook as an example. After signing up and doing your own trial offer you give your link out to friends and ask them to help out and do the same. For the free netbook website you need 7 (7 to 9 depending on the brand you want) people to sign up with your link and they each have to do one of the trial offers. Again, unless they are really good friends, it can be harder to convince them to help you than you may imagine. Just think how skeptical you may have been and multiply that by 9 people. If you have trouble getting your needed 7 referrals you can instead choose to do different trial offers on your own that count towards your requirements.

So you have signed up for the netbook site, done one of the trial offers and found 7 friends who signed up using your special link and then each did trial offers…now what? That’s it! You choose which netbook you want and wait for the approval process (to make sure you didn’t cheat or make multiple accounts and such) and then they ship out your free netbook (free shipping too!). As long as you don’t cheat or do anything sketchy, follow the really basic rules and finish the requirements they send out your freebie straight to your door. And let me tell you, it’s an awesome feeling getting a nice big box delivered to your door when you got it for free!  I’ve probably gotten two or three dozen freebies over the years and the feeling never goes away ;) .

Lets go into more detail for those with questions…

Signing up: To get credit for referrals signing up you have to make sure they use your special link to sign up. If they go to the site directly to sign up, or go through some other link you will not get credit for it. It’s safest to make sure they clear their cookies before going so your link is the most current link they will have gone through.

You should definitely use your real information when signing up…meaning real name and address. This is the information they use to ship your freebie or send paypal money to. Some people suggest using a separate email address for these types of sites to make sure you don’t get spam but to be honest, I use my regular email address and never really have a spam problem…at least from these sites (everyone has spam problems lol). But these legit companies are usually pretty good about not spamming you.

Choosing an offer to do: Once you sign up you can go to the offers page. This is where you find one trial offer to do to get credit. Various sites have various methods on how they rank these offers but most have many of the same offers. In general you can’t do the same offer more than once. If you are already a Blockbuster Online customer you probably shouldn’t be doing a Blockbuster Online trial ;) . Which also brings up another important point…you should only do offers that you genuinely have an interest in. Remember, the big companies are paying for you to look at their service or product in hopes you will become a customer. So stick to offers you are interested in and give them a fair chance. Read the requirements of the offers as well. For example, to get and keep your credit for doing the Blockbuster Online trial offers you have to actually use it (duh!) And you can’t just cancel it the day after you get credit. They expect you remain a member for at least 3 weeks of the 1 month trial.

Here are a couple examples of trials I have personally done and liked:

Blockbuster Online 1 month trial = sign up for a 1 month trial (cost $9.99 for the first month) and rent some movies. It’s actually a pretty awesome service in my opinion and I’ve stayed a member for years now. They are also really good about giving credit so you usually see it in your freebie site right away after doing the offer (some offers can take days or even weeks to process and give you credit for doing it)

Gamefly = another online rental service but for video games instead. This one too is a one month trial (cost $8.95 for the first month) and of course you have to actually use it. You must remain a member at least a few weeks into your one month trial so don’t cancel it just because you got your credit. This is another service I have kept for years…which goes to show this process actually works! I signed up for this and blockbuster as trials for these freebie sites and the big companies both got a long term happy customer.

Video Professor = another pretty cool one I have done is Video Professor. You have probably seen the commercials but have you actually tried it? It’s pretty impressive how well it works for learning, or getting up to speed on anything computer related. Just choose one of the lessons and try them out!

There are hundreds more types of offers so you should easily find something that fits your needs and interest. Some can actually cost money, such as the paid month trials above (which I guess by definition would make the netbook NOT completely “free” but I’m not complaining heheh) to very cheap or even free. The better offers tend to be the ones you pay a little bit for, either trial memberships or shipping cost as those companies are usually a bit larger and credit faster.

Where do you get referrals? = The best answer is your friends and family of course. If you can’t convince them that these are actually legit and they too can get the free netbook themselves then you can always ask them to help you out as a favor. Maybe for the tough ones, you can offer to buy them lunch or something ;) . If you still need more referrals you can always ask your online friends like on facebook or myspace. If you have a website or blog you can put your link there and ask your visitors to try it out…which brings something up…if you sign up using the link posted on this page and complete an offer and keep your account “clean” (don’t try to cheat since they will catch and ban you and follow the rules) I will change the link on this page to yours when I am done getting the needed referrals (first come first up). Just sign up using the link here, complete an offer and once you get credit (we will both see it in our accounts) post a comment here using the same email address you used to sign up on the free netbook site to let me know and I’ll confirm you and get in touch with you for your link and such. You help me, I’ll help you ;) .

Things to keep in mind if you want to get a free netbook:

- Be sure to actually read the terms on the site. Overall the whole process is simple and painless but they are pretty strict about some things. They have had to deal with years of people who decided to cheat or try to scam them so they have to be pretty strict about those types of things.

- Don’t create more than one account per site.  That also means only one account per household…you can sign up but your mother living in the same house can’t. They are VERY good about catching people trying to cheat this way so don’t try or you get banned.

- Only do offers you are interested in and do not just straight up cancel as soon as you are credited for doing them. Yes, some of the offers have limited trials and if you don’t cancel before the end of your trial they may charge you more. If you are not interested after giving the full trial an shot you can decide to not continue but make sure you follow the rules of the offer…by the way, be sure to read the offers terms as well. Some of the offer terms are strict too and you should know what you are getting yourself into.

- Don’t spam! You may be tempted to just go out and post your referral link everywhere you ever visitied online but many sites/communities consider that spam. Only put your link where you know it isn’t spam.

- Although these sites can be done in a matter of days, or even hours, if you have enough contacts, they can take some time to get the needed referrals or points. Be patient and follow the rules and in the end you will get your freebie.

- If you have any other questions or concerns let me know in the comments and I will get back to you.

- Do not spam your link in the comments BTW. It won’t help you and might get you banned ;)

If you want to sign up and get your own free netbook  USE THIS LINK

If you sign up making sure to only use this link above, complete and offer and get credit for it and follow the rules of the site (don’t get banned or cheat in any way) I will change the link on this site to YOURS when I get my needed referrals. That if you sign up under me and complete an offer, when I finish instead of my link being in this post it will be yours to help you get the needed referrals. First come first up so hurry up and complete an offer. If you sign up using the link above and complete an offer make a comment here on this post and use the same email address you signed up with so I can verify. I will then email you at that address to get your information. Do not just post your link in the comments!


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