Get An Apple iPad For Free (yes, really again!)

Ok, so everyone seemed to appreciate the information we posted about getting a free netbook from reputable companies and so far quite a few are on their way to getting their own.

We figured the “netbook crowd” would also definitely be interested in getting one of those sexy Apple iPads for free too. Sure, an iPad isn’t exactly a netbook but to be honest, it could be the way netbooks are headed. Besides, a iPad has many of the same defining features of a netbook so it fits the category pretty well.

If this is your first visit here or you need a refresher on exactly how to get your freebie check out the free netbook post for a more detailed breakdown.

If you already know how it works and ready to get started then go get your free iPad now!

Be sure to post any questions as well as keep us updated about your progress. We expect to see picture of you and your free iPad when you get it too!

Get your free Apple iPad NOW!


Ok, so a few people are new here and didn’t skip over to the free netbook post to find out how this all works. That post goes into a TON of detail (probably too much) but to answer a few quick questions here for those that don’t feel like reading that much (though you really should…although easy there are rules that you HAVE to follow if you want your free iPad).

- Yes, this is real, legit and does work. I explain why in the other post.

- No, this isn’t just a lame advertising pitch…I’m on the receiving end not the advertising end meaning I am just like you, wanting my free iPad. I’ve also received thousands of dollars worth of various gadgets and cool stuff from this very company so I trust them completely.

- Yes I realize “free” doesn’t mean “easy” but you have to admit it’s not all that hard and well worth it for a free iPad

And for those who want a quick break down (again) here is the simplified process:

1. sign up for your free Apple iPad (use your real information as this is what they ship to)

2. find one of the trial offers that you like. For example, if you are interested in learning something computer related, try out the Video Professor lesson of your choice for free. Or maybe you movies and haven’t tried Netflix yet…nows the perfect chance to try it out!

3. Ask your friends/coworkers/followers to help you out and show them how to get their own free iPad too.

4. Sit back and wait for a few days to be verified (they don’t like cheaters or people who break the rules so, again, make sure you follow the rules. They are pretty good about finding cheaters and banning them.)

5. Take a picture with your new Apple iPad and send it to me thanking me and telling me how great I am for helping you get your free iPad ;) .

Don’t forget, if you use this link to sign up and complete one of the trial offers and get credit we will put YOUR link up here on the site once we are done which shouldn’t be too long. First come first served though so get done quickly ;) .


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