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Ok, so this isn’t really “netbook deal” related at all but since we are posting a lot of the Black Friday and Christmas deals on netbooks then it is related. And we figured you wouldn’t mind saving more money when you do buy your netbook and then also benefit with anything else you buy with free shipping!

For those that don’t know, offers a special “upgraded” account they call Amazon Prime. This normally cost you $79 a year for the benefits. What are the benefits? Well not much if you don’t use to do much of your shopping. But it’s amazing if you love Amazon like we do.

With Amazon Prime you get:
- Unlimited FREE two-day shipping (ok free after paying the $79 a year…though really FREE if you use one of these promos ;) . This is awesome because it really makes the prices of items you buy cheaper…many times no tax and now free, pretty quick, shipping.
- If you just have to have your item NOW, you can upgrade to one-day shipping for $3.99…pretty good. I recently purchased a New PlayStation 3 Move Bundle and really wanted it quick so upgraded to the one-day shipping for $3.99 and got it without tax FAST. Very nice and convenient.
- No minimum order size. Need one single bolt and want it with free shipping. Fine, order away.
Bottom line is Amazon Prime is one of the best deals online if you order a lot from Amazon (and who isn’t?) and it’s an amazing deal if you get Amazon Prime for free!

They have a few different free trial programs too, some better than others.
They have a “regular” free trial for anyone for a month month trial you can site up for: Amazon Prime Free 1-Month Trial

The one main negative of this offer is you need to make sure you cancel, if you don’t like it of course, or they will automatically charge you for a year after your free month is up. If you try it for a month and like it then not a worry. But a great way to test this out for most people…and could be a great short term strategy for your Christmas shopping ;)

Another option to get Amazon Prime free is with their “Amazom Mom Program” program. This program has some other cool benefits besides the prime membership for those who are parents (like discounts on diapers and such). And although it’s called “Amazon Mom” it isn’t just for “Moms”, it’s for any primary caregiver.

This Amazon Prime offer is for a full 3 months with the potential for it to go on for a year as long as you actually buy baby stuff. Each month you spend at least $25 you get another free month of Prime. You can find more info about the Amazon Mom here: Amazon Prime from Amazom Mom Program

The last (that we know of), and best option for a free Amazon Prime is with their “Amazon Student” program with a free full YEAR of Prime. This one is a little more strict and you need a student email address (usually ending in .edu) to be able to sign up. But if you qualify you can get a nice full year of free Amazon Prime! More info about the Amazon Student program here: Amazon Student

Regardless of which trial you are interested in or can qualify for, they are all very useful. The longer you can get for free the better, obviously. Just be sure to read and follow the terms and if you do the first free trial be sure to keep track of our signup date and cancel if you don’t want to get automatically charged for another year when your trial ends. But honestly, it’s so nice and convenient it really is worth the ~$80 a year if you end up buying stuff on Amazon a lot.

Here is a summary of the three free Amazan Prime Trials we know of:
1. Amazon Prime Free 1-Month Trial (for anyone)
2. Amazom Mom Program Free 3-Month Trial
3. Amazon Student 1-Year Free Prime

Be sure to comment if you have any other great Prime Discounts or freebies!


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