Get Your Free Notebook/Netbook From Google – Hurry Though – Chrome CR-48

If you somehow missed the news then you are likely not the type of test user Google is looking for. But then again, no one really seems to know exactly what Google is looking for when deciding who gets one of their brand new, and free, beta Chome Notebooks (named CR-48).

There are supposedly an estimated 60,000 in this order that Google is probably giving away (at least 10k already shipped most likely). We don’t know how many of those will go to “end users” as apposed to news and media types but odds are there will be many many more applications than there will be free notebooks available.

free google notebook

Reminds me of every other Google beta release (gmail, google voice…) but this time they are actually giving out hardware and you can imagine how many people will want a free notebook (though it’s more in tune with a “netbook”).

Why is google giving away tens of thousands of free Chrome notebooks? Well, it’s part of their beta test of their Chrome OS which is basically an enhanced web browser after all. If you already use the Chrome browser for your web surfing then you already have an idea what their Chrome OS is like. Google invisions a future with very cheap very limited power “access points” (netbooks) that just connect you to “THE Cloud”. Rather than use Microsoft Word you can just log in and connect to Google Docs, for example. Pretty exciting depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, if you haven’t already applied to be a beta tester for their new Chrome CR-48 pilot program (free google notebook) you better hurry as supplied, and time, are limited: “Expires 11:59:59 PM PST on December 21, 2010. US only.”

Although we have no idea how Google is choosing people there does seem to be a few things that may help your odds:

1. sign up with your gmail/google account…you do have an active gmail account right?!

2. be a fan…meaning you should have a gmail account but having lots of other apps connected to your account probably helps show you will use your CR-48 notebook with all their great apps and such. If you aren’t already aware there are a LOT of very useful and cool things Google offers even without a free notebook.

3. be very active online. Spending hours online using the web for most of your needs will likely help. Remember the whole point of Googles Chrome OS is to access and use cloud based apps. They want testers who will test this stuff for them.

4. be versatile. If you claim to use a lot of proprietary programs that won’t work on their Chrome notebook you may not be the target tester they are looking for.

5. when filling out your application pay attention to details. If it ask for “140 characters” then maybe you should stick to that. When it ask what specific methods you use to do other things you might do best to choose Google’s way of doing them (like gmail for email, for example).

6. if you can, choose something other than “individual” to likely better your odds of standing out from the crowd. Most people will apply as individuals. Google likely wants a good mix of different types of users so it might help if you have something a bit more specific to use, while still remembering the above points.

7. be lucky. Regardless how perfect you may fit what Google wants for their pilot program testers (which no one even knows) you will still be one of the very lucky few who gets picked out of the millions who will likely end up applying. Sure, Google ‘may’ end up producing more and giving out more but don’t count on it. Again, remember how they have handled beta programs in the past and how coveted those handouts were (gmail accounts selling for $100 on ebay anyone?)

And if you happen to get more than one be sure to remember where you heard about this and send one our way!

Sign up/apply here: Google Chrome CR-48 Notebook Pilot Program

Don’t forget they are limiting sign-ups to before 11:59:59 PM PST on December 21, 2010.

…be sure to post and let us know if you get one!


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