Netbooks: What and Why? Netbook Buyers Guide.

Netbooks are also known as mini notebooks, and just as their name implies they are small miniature versions of notebooks (AKA laptops). These netbooks are relatively new and the word “NETBOOK” came into being as recent as 2007. The idea of a miniature laptop; a device which was between a PDA and a laptop has been floated by APPLE COMPUTERS long back in March 1997. The computers are extremely affordable and are considered, generally, as companion computers to larger computers. They are, in spite of the aforesaid status of theirs are used by people around the world for the simple fact they are extremely handy.

Why buy a netbook?
Netbooks are the newest gadgets which have taken the world by storm. In spite of the fact that there are faster and larger and already popular laptops or desktops they have found a new market for them. What has made this possible? There are many features of the netbook which make them competitive to their larger, more expensive, cousins the notebook computer . They are very affordable and handy. They are light weight and can be carried anywhere without any problems. Then another interesting feature is that they have everything you need and nothing that you don’t need. The system configuration serves the needs of a regular user who mainly checks email and browses the net and who does not need sophisticated system configurations like that of a designer .

Netbooks: So Small , So Effective yet so cheap.
One of the features that make netbooks what they are is the size. They are extremely handy, and almost cute. Netbooks come in a variety of sizes form 7” to 12” screen sizes. What makes them so small? There are many changes that are made to these netbooks which make the size possible. The CD drive is not provided in the netbook. This saves a lot of space. Then instead of a hard drive, flash memory is used this cuts down the cost. Another main cost cutting feature being the use of the free OS LINUX instead of paying for Windows. There are just as many options with buying a netbook as any other computer but there should be many choices for your needs.

How do I choose my netbook?
Netbooks have many different specifications and a perfect fit can be chosen only when the user is in tune with his needs and expectations out of the product. The first decision to be taken is that of the screen size. The screen sizes range from a 7” to a 12”. With the most popular being the 9” screen. Other major choices include the battery life of the system, and other additional features like Bluetooth and card reader which some might need. The most important decision is choosing the operating system, choice being between Linux and Windows and now, Chrome OS from Google.

Leading netbook brands in the market.
Many companies have joined the bandwagon for the selling and marketing netbooks. Major brands include names like Apple, Acer, Dell, Samsung etc. All these major brands have a specific netbook trait which they keep specific to their product only. But the differences between these specifications are so tiny that one may get overwhelmed when looking to buy a netbook. Then there also are these original equipment manufacturers who actually manufacture the product. Leading brand manufacturers buy them, a new look is given to them to keep in with the brand image, while all the major working equipment is the same. We have listed the best netbook brands for you as a way to compare them.

Netbooks and portability
The major advantage of netbooks is affordability and portability. But then there are certain aspects of the netbook which fall short of providing the perfect solution for portability. Some tweaks here and there make it truly affordable. Batteries of the netbooks are small and hence the size, a separate set of batteries can be kept at hand which give complete mobility. The mouse provided with the netbook is very small and hence there is a problem with extended usage a good external USB mouse can be considered a good buy besides they are also very inexpensive.

Who are the target audience for netbooks?
The netbooks when first conceived were meant to be major instruments for “one laptop per child” plan which was supposed to provide affordable laptops to children in the third world countries. But as the idea picked up they proved to not just be mere replacements for the hugely successful laptops rather made a new slot for them in the market. Netbooks have specifications enough to suit the regular user, whose main work with a computer is to surf the web and check e-mails. They are very effective in the education department, for young children and for housewives to maintain their monthly budgets.

Netbooks: the new age child’s friend.
Times are changing so are needs and aspirations of the new age child. Children are getting smarter and so are their toys and teaching aids are getting smarter. Netbooks are perfect solutions to the tech-savvy generation today. They have smaller keys which prove to be perfect for tiny fingers. Then there are a lot of things that can be done with the netbook, children friendly games, videos that your child enjoys and can learn from. Homework assignments become a lot of fun, when done on the netbook. It is a perfect educational gadget which also is a lot of fun. They are also much less of an investment than an expensive laptop/notebook PC so if there is an accident or a problem taking care of stuff it isn’t as big of a deal.

Netbooks for serious business
Netbooks are selling off fast from the market and at the same time they are drawing huge criticism given their scope of work. But how good are they actually for business purposes? If a little common sense is applied they are very good. First things first, a proper self assessments of your own needs has to be done. Then the choie of the netbook is made. A proper market research of the brands, of the different pricing based on the specification and why just that also the specifications. Minor tweaks are then always possible to make it perfect. At their prices netbooks are always a good option for the on-the-run type job where some computer needs are important but not a full blown powerful computer is and option.

How good are netbooks?
Netbooks are very “in” in the market of gadgets and are extremely cheap and handy but do you really need them? This topic has been up for debate for quite some time now. Major critics tout netbooks as cheap-cute things that have nothing much to them except their use as gadgets for web-surfing. They have very limited RAM and due to this complicated tasks cannot be performed. Then the advantage of compactness also turns into a major disadvantage due to the small size of the keyboard which is uncomfortable to use for extended time. But if you already have a desktop PC or notebook PC that has all the power you need for complicated task and just want something cheap, light and easy to use and has excellent portability, a netbook would make an excellent compliment to your computing arsenal.

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