What Are Netbooks? A Basic History And Explanation

Technology is making leaps every day to make our everyday life easier and more interesting. In the past technology has always moved forward to meet the consumer’s needs. However, when it comes to personal computers and laptops it seems technology has taken a step back to a smaller and less powerful laptops called netbooks. These miniature sized laptops are a pocket sized version of a laptop and are specifically made for online use. They are created to cater to the everyday online user, for checking email, updating blogs, and social media websites.

Initially the idea for netbooks came in order to create a cheaper and more compact laptop that can be offered for very low prices to developing countries. It was a program started to get a computer into underprivileged children’s hands. This is why netbooks are created specifically for online use with very little storage. Each netbook is lightweight, small but with a full keyboard, Wi-Fi, and online related programs such as Skype and other messengers.
Once developed however, the netbooks were a hit. When released in 2007 to the public they were sold out quickly to the unexpected US and Europe customers. They were purchased as an additional pocket laptop that can be used to quickly look up websites and update blogs and social media accounts. As they are so small and light netbooks can be put in a small bag or purse discretely. After the sellout in 2007 other companies followed the initial wave and created netbooks of their own and by 2008 every computer manufacturer presented one on the market.

Of course aside from the price there are many differences from a netbook and a regular laptop. Starting with the initial size. As laptops are fighting amongst each other for the bigger screen, netbooks have a screen of about 8-9 inch approximate size. Though they do have a full keyboard, it’s a smaller version of a regular one. To match the small screen. It seems that laptops have been striving for something that they thought people wanted, when in fact the consumer didn’t want more, but less.

Instead of the large screen and heavy laptop the netbook offers a compact and lightweight body. As its build for online use, all netbooks come with Wi-Fi but almost no storage space. Unlike most laptops the netbooks do not feature high end operating systems. Having a less overloaded operating system such as Linux offers broader abilities when searching the internet and using other online features. The netbooks do not feature the fast onboard processor as other laptops have, but have something like the little hard drives in thumb storages. These are smaller in storage space and memory but are faster and have more online applications. You can see a basic laptop having around 1 GB system memory, in comparison to the 512 MB of netbooks.

These features seem to only make netbooks seem unnecessary in comparison to laptops, the size of both the body and the abilities of laptops are much larger. But as mentioned above, less is more in this case. The price of these little netbooks is about the same of a nice cell phone. This makes them affordable for just about anyone. Also, nowadays with the broad possibilities that the internet gives it’s easy to see that you don’t necessarily need a lot of system memory. Unless your work specifically requires that you use large files which need to be stored and processed through specific programs that are not readily available for use online, then the a netbook is all that you need.

The internet now features many options that you no longer need internal storage space. There are many online websites that you can store all of your files on. This is both great for you and your computer, one you don’t overload your computer with excess information, but also, in the case you should have a problem with your computer or it gets stolen, your files are safely stored online and you can access them from anywhere. You don’t need to store movies or music in your computer any longer either as you can now easily watch movies and listen to music directly from online websites that offer streaming video and radio. There are even word processing programs available online eliminating even those simple write programs.

There is a replacement for just about every program available on your desktop. You can find programs online to edit pictures so you don’t have to pay absurd amount of money for programs such as Photoshop for photo editing. Either way, unless you are professionally editing images you most likely do not use 95% of the features of the program. Nowadays almost every netbook features a web cam which you can use and directly upload videos to YouTube. Overall, there isn’t anything that you cannot do online without any excess overload to your computer. All you need is the internet and you no longer need to store anything in your computer, even programs.

So basically unless you are planning on doing serious photo or video editing that requires a specific program which you cannot find the features online you don’t need a laptop with major memory. Also, if you plan on loading and playing major games that require special video cards you will not be able to, however, they are working on setting up an online feature for some of these games so you will no longer need to purchase a major computer or laptop with a special video card and extra memory to handle them. Overall, there is truly an alternative to each and every program you currently use on your laptop now online. You can purchase a low priced and lightweight netbook which you can take with you anywhere easily and do the same things you currently do on your laptop.

Netbooks have gone a long way since 2007 when they were developed for underprivileged children. They have become a hit and are growing in popularity as people begin to realize that they no longer need to spend $1000 on a large and heavy laptop when they could buy a small and just as useful netbook. Nowadays all you need is just the internet and your netbook and you can do anything.


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